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Captivating the heart of every health care worker, one uniform at a time.

At Irie Scrubs, we know that what you wear has an impact on how you feel, and as a result, how well you perform. Your uniform expresses who you are and what you do to the rest of the world, and we believe that Healthcare professionals deserve more innovative and functional products build around their particular needs.

Founder Kemone Taylor is a licensed nurse’s aide and has been working in health care since 2015. Having to wear and buy scrubs from time to time, she noticed how “average” and uncomfortable scrubs were, not to mention the lack of options and designs available. Therefore, Irie Scrubs was founded in April 2021 with the purpose to help nurses face every day, no matter what their day brings.

Irie Scrubs is not here just to improve scrubs but to drastically change the healthcare experience and empower and honor those who perform this vital labor. Our diverse range of options gives endless combinations to create a complete brand experience. We want to create a collection of trendy scrubs that elevate the look and feel of this growing industry.

Our commitment to developing and manufacturing medical uniforms and accessories is helping our brand become a favorite among healthcare professionals not only in Massachusetts but everywhere. Meaning of the name Irie: Irie / ahy-ree / Jamaican saying Often used to mean nice, good, or pleasing (used as a general term of approval)

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Irie Scrubs


We want to redefine what scrubs are. Our vision is to create and provide a diverse range of exclusive designs and products that offer an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, function, and style, all at an affordable price. We aspire to become the go-to business for nurse apparel, footwear, and accessories and gradually but steadily trend into other services and products while always striving to provide excellent customer service.


We believe that no one works harder than our caregivers and that it is our responsibility to support them every step of the way by offering a one-of-a-kind shopper experience. Irie Scrubs is committed to introducing fashion, comfort, and quality to nurse apparel, as well as a little more style and originality, without sacrificing the functionality required to complete your job.

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